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Confidential Sex Therapy

Confidential Sex Therapy / Psychotherapy / Impulse Control

People in the City of San Francisco or who live in other parts of the Bay Area in search of confidential sex therapy can rely on The Blue Rock Institute for the support and guidance they need to make life changes. We understand that addiction to pornography or other types of sexual behavior can changes lives, destroy relationships, careers, and, in some situations, leads to unpleasant legal issues. Psychotherapy and other lifestyles changes are important components in transforming sexual impulse control issues into healthy and fulfilling sexual experiences. Our professional team of therapists are skilled and , educated in the issues at hand and approach the issue with compassion and dedication. Blue Rock is committed to helping you, help yourself to a more satisfying, enjoyable life.

Psychotherapy for sex addiction is highly effective, and examines the rituals and patterns of the individual with behavioral issues. It also works to address sexual abuse in those who may have been abused at an early age, helping make the connection to why an individual may have tendencies to act out in what others would not consider "normal" sexual behavior. It is a well-known fact that like drug and alcohol addiction, sexual addiction impacts the brain - pornography or sex addiction is not a behavior that most people can stop on their own, or go "cold turkey."

Sexual addiction is recognized as an impulse control disorder; people affected typically cannot avoid engaging in activities such as gambling, computer games, drinking, drugs, or other things which may potentially be harmful to themselves or others. While the precise cause of impulse control disorders is not known, many strongly believe that the development of these problems may be related to inherited genetic factors, or even violent experiences or abuse in childhood, along with social and biological risk factors. We provide confidential sex therapy and psychotherapy for San Francisco Bay Area residents who are ready to be in control of their own lives.

At The Blue Rock Institute, we take an individualized approach to treatment for sex addiction; we understand that no two people are alike. Our confidential sex therapy program is designed to provide a solution which is specific to your unique needs, evaluating your life, assessing physical fitness and nutrition, engaging in various therapies including individual, group, and family/couples therapy, providing educational seminars, and assessing whether medication would be recommended or effective for those who experience anxiety, depression, or other feelings which can interfere with other treatment.

Take back your life beginning today. Contact The Blue Rock Institute for a comprehensive lifestyle solution for a very complex problem.

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