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Couples Therapy for Infidelity

Couples Therapy - Cheating Spouse, Infidelity Relationship Advice

At The Blue Rock Institute, we know that in recent years sexual addictions and addiction to pornography has been on the rise. Much of this can be attributed to the growing use of the Internet and mobile devices. We provide couples therapy for affairs and advice about infidelity for those in the San Francisco Bay Area whose lives are affected by sex addiction. A cheating husband or spouse can lead to lives that are devastated; not only are those involved affected, children and other family members are as well. If you are in search of couples therapy because of a cheating spouse, our therapists are trained, educated, competent, and compassionate. Our goal is to help put relationships and the lives of those with behavioral issues back on a positive path.

Is couples therapy for affairs effective, or necessary? The jealousy, suspicion, lack of trust, and breach of intimacy can truly wreck lives. Many individuals develop unwanted sexual behaviors at times when an important life event takes priority over intimacy. In some situations, communications break down. There are many reasons a person who is otherwise in a loving, intimate relationship may develop tendencies to cheat or engage in sexual activities outside of a relationship or marriage. We offer expert advice about infidelity for those in the San Francisco and Bay Area, providing the support, education, learning tools, guidance, and counseling essential to turn things around.

Ultimately, in order to restore a healthy relationship when a cheating husband or spouse has been unfaithful, it's important that both the addict and the partner receive treatment. An addiction to sex is a compulsive behavior that can impact not only relationships, but the work environment and outside family members as well. It is important that spouses have the tools to deal with the issues. How or what should you tell the children? What is the process toward repairing a relationship which has been severed? Why did you husband or spouse cheat, and is sexual addiction a behavior which can be overcome? Whether you need advice about infidelity or are considering whether counseling will be effective in restoring your relationship, we can help.

Like drug or alcohol addiction, sex addiction is a problem that can tear lives apart if left untreated. Addicts make engaging in sexual activity outside of a marriage or long-term relationship a priority, placing family, friends, and work on the back burner. In an effort to continue unhealthy sexual behavior, those affected sacrifice the people and relationships they cherish most although they may not realize it at the time. At The Blue Rock, we urge those in San Francisco and the Bay Area in search of couples therapy for affairs to contact us now. Today can be the first step toward a new tomorrow.

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