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Pornography Recovery

Pornography Addiction Recovery & Rehab

Addiction to pornography is much more common than most people think. While watching or viewing porn and masturbating may begin as a harmless release, it can escalate to addiction or compulsive tendencies. If you or a loved one are affected, you may be in search of a highly reputable pornography addiction recovery program. At The Blue Rock Institute, we offer porn addiction rehab options designed to help those in the San Francisco Bay area overcome your problem and get back on path to a normal, happy, and fulfilling life.

Are You Addicted to Pornography?

Behavioral addictions are real, although many people who have never faced these issues don't believe it. You may feel ashamed, or not good enough. If your relationships are affected and you prefer to view pornography to fulfill your sexual needs rather than engage in a sexual relationship with your spouse/partner, it is likely you are addicted. We urge you to consider our San Francisco porn addiction recovery program, and assure you that professional, compassionate help is available.

Any type of addiction, whether to pornography, drugs, or alcohol, causes changes in the brain. You may feel ashamed to talk about your problem, or even hesitant to admit you have an issue. It is normal to feel isolated, even depressed. Our Bay area pornography addiction rehab programs are designed to help you reach your goals of overcoming your addiction through therapy, educational seminars, nutrition and fitness, psychiatric evaluation and management, and more. Our facility provides complete confidentiality in an environment conducive to achieving the results you desire and deserve.

The Blue Rock Institute - Effective Pornography Addiction Recovery for San Francisco and Bay Area Residents

We understand that addiction to porn is frequently a way to escape feelings of sadness, anger, even anxiety or stress. Pornography addiction may result in a complete inability to form intimate relationships with others, or maintain relationships which were once intimate. Once strong relationships can be torn apart; addiction affects not only you, but those in your family.

Our facility takes a comprehensive approach, assessing patients' behavior and offering various therapy settings including individual, group, and couples/family. Our educational seminars help those affected understand the underlying causes of addiction and how to progress toward a vibrant, happy life free of addiction issues.

Learn more about our pornography addiction recovery programs today, and move your life in a positive new direction. Contact The Blue Rock Institute now for more information.

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