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Pornography Addiction Treatment, Therapy & Therapists

Addiction to porn has become a growing concern across the nation. Not only are victims affected, their loved ones and family members are as well. At Blue Rock Institute, we provide pornography addiction treatment options to those in San Francisco and the Bay Area in an effort to help you understand your addiction, and overcome it. We understand porn addiction can wreck marriages and relationships, and in some situations cost those who have a problem their children. Through therapy, we help you understand why at times, you feel like you have two different personalities inside you - one who wants to enjoy a normal, happy life, and one who lives on the "dark side." One side wants to stop viewing porn, the other side doesn't.

Most individuals are addicted to porn due to the same underlying emotional or psychological issues which cause drug addicts to become addicted to substances - anxiety, low self-esteem, or depression. Ultimately, what began as a pleasurable distraction or convenient path to sexual pleasure escalates to become a behavioral compulsion you are unable to control. At this point it is common to feel shame, loneliness, or isolated from friends, loved ones, and family.

Individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area can rely on the Blue Rock Institute for pornography addiction treatment that is individualized to your unique needs. Our San Francisco porn addiction therapy options include individual and group therapy, as well as therapy for families and couples. With any program designed to help those who are essentially sabotaging their own lives, the ability of the therapists is critical. Our therapists have extensive experience in working with groups and individuals, providing you with the tools to facilitate self-healing so that you can overcome the issues which may have led to becoming addicted to pornography, and possibly masturbation.

At the Blue Rock Institute, the primary goal of our porn addiction treatment program is to help individuals who desire to live a healthy, full, and happy life reach those goals by providing the assistance and tools necessary for success. Essentially the cycle consists of prevention (stopping yourself before it's too late), life style (learning to be whole and happy), and a healthy mind and body (creating well being within yourself). We invite those in San Francisco and the Bay Area who are tired of living a double life and who seek truly effective pornography addiction treatment and educated, experienced, dedicated therapists to contact us today.

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