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Sexual Addiction Education

Sexual Addiction Education & Sex Addiction Group Classes

At The Blue Rock Institute, we provide sexual addiction education and group classes for those in the San Francisco Bay Area struggling with sex addiction. We understand how these types of issues affect every aspect of your life, particularly loving and family relationships. You may experience feelings of shame, inferiority, or that you are somehow not normal. It is important that individuals who are addicted to sex understand the underlying issues or 'triggers' which may lead to this type of behavior, and the most effective steps to overcome the addiction. Our sex addiction group classes provide a safe environment in which you can openly discuss your issues, your goals, and learn from others with issues much like your own.

While issues such as drug or alcohol addiction are often openly discussed, sexual addiction is an issue that is for the most part hidden from society. The fact is, millions of Americans are affected; finding the solution isn't easy, considering most addicts do not seek professional help and are hesitant to discuss their problems with friends, family members, spouses, or partners out of fear or embarrassment. Our sexual addiction education programs are designed to help San Francisco and Bay Area residents not only understand addiction, but progress toward a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

We know that individual therapy is important, however engaging with others who face similar challenges is essential. Attending sex addiction group classes helps you understand that you are not alone, and that others face issues similar to yours. You will be enlightened through learning about others' struggles, their successes and failures. Overcoming sex addiction requires having a 'support system' of sorts, consisting not only of trained professionals but ordinary people just like yourself.

Sexual addiction is often progressive and may begin when an individual develops an addiction to pornography, although this isn't always the case. A simple desire to quit isn't enough, as like other addictions sex addiction causes chemical alterations in the brain. It is critical that those affected seek guidance, education, and counseling in a safe environment, offered by professionals who are thoroughly trained and educated regarding these issues.

The Blue Rock Institute invites you to learn more about our sex addiction group classes and educational resources today. There is life beyond your addiction, a happy, vibrant, satisfying life which includes fulfilling relationships and freedom from addiction.

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