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Sexual Addiction Recovery

Sexual Addiction Recovery & Rehab

At The Blue Rock Institute, we are dedicated to sexual addiction recovery for those in the San Francisco Bay Area who are suffering one of the least talked about but common addictive disorders. We understand that those affected suffer shame, a feeling of inadequacy, and generally an unhappy life, often suffering in silence. If you are considering sex addiction rehabs, our professionals are trained, compassionate, and focused on individualized treatment so that you or a loved one can get back on track toward a happy, normal, and fulfilled life free of the addiction that constrains your life.

Chances are you feel all alone with your sexual addiction, an outsider who isn't "normal." You may be surprised to learn that up to six percent of the population in the United States suffers from a sexually compulsive behavior in some form, whether viewing pornography and masturbating, becoming involved in sexual affairs while in a committed relationship, or even engaging in sex with prostitutes. Our sex addiction recovery programs are designed to not only help those in San Francisco and the Bay Area understand the underlying issues that lead to these addictions, but provide individual solutions based on your unique situation. We understand the importance of education, engaging with others in like situations, and therapy for individuals and families so that progress can be made toward recovery.

Sexual Addiction Recovery Involves Treating the Whole Person

Overall wellness - in terms of mind, body, and spirit - are key in overcoming sex addiction. Our sex addiction rehab programs focus on treating the entire person, achieving good health through nutrition, exercise, spirituality, and behavioral health treatment. Ultimately, our goal is to help those affected bring all aspects of their lives into harmony.

At The Blue Rock Institute, we understand how sexual addiction impacts both the addicted individual and the family, often wrecking relationships and tearing families apart. It is common for addicts to feel as though they are living a double life, one that appears normal on the surface, another an almost "underground" life that's dark and difficult to escape. Our trained professionals are compassionate, caring, and dedicated to helping those in the San Francisco and Bay Area understand their issues, but most importantly achieve the happy, fulfilled life they desire and deserve.

If you are ready to change directions and take power and control over the issues that seem to be destroying your life, contact The Blue Rock Institute today. We provide sexual addiction recovery treatment in complete confidentiality, and understand your need for privacy. Come begin the healing process now.

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