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Sexual Addiction Treatment

Sexual Addiction Treatment & Therapy

While alcohol addiction has long been recognized as a disease, few in our society today recognize sex addiction is a disease as well. Those who suffer often experience shame, a feeling of inferiority, a lack of self-confidence in their appearance, and more. If you are a San Francisco or Bay Area resident in search of sexual addiction treatment that is effective, confidential, and will put you on the path to a happier, more fulfilled and satisfying life, The Blue Rock Institute is the right place to start.

Our sex addiction treatment therapists are trained, dedicated, and compassionate. We start at the beginning, helping those affected understand the underlying causes of their issues, and educating patients throughout the process regarding the importance of not only psychological well-being, but nutrition, exercise, and more. While we offer several types of therapy, couples therapy is often effective for those with sex addiction issues who are married or involved in a serious or loving relationship. In sex addiction treatment, couples therapy works to restore communication and intimacy; having a partner involved in your recovery helps support positive change.

The quality of our staff of professionals is unsurpassed, one reason so many in the San Francisco Bay Area with sex addiction issues rely on The Blue Rock Institute. Our sex addiction treatment therapists are all specialists in their own rights, some trained in the areas of nutrition and fitness, others in psychology, depression, childhood abuse, sexual violence, cognitive behavior therapy, and more. Because our staff is so diverse, individuals can rely on truly effective treatment in a safe, confidential environment. Our therapists have extensive training and education, many of them possessing Bachelor, Masters, and medical degrees; we are passionate about helping restore healthy, happy lives and dedicate our time and energy to helping sex addicts overcome the "dark," often hidden sides of their lives.

Sexual addiction is a complex problem, however it is essential you realize you are not alone. We believe in a "whole person" approach, beginning with an initial assessment so that sexual addiction treatment can be individualized to your unique needs. The behavior will not go away on its own, and for many, becomes worse over time. Relationships deteriorate, sexually compulsive acts can spiral out of control and even result in the addict doing something that is illegal or harmful. Take the first step today to overcome your sex addiction. We invite those in the San Francisco and Bay Area to contact The Blue Rock Institute now.

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